Program patterns on the fly


I’d like to finger drum with Hermod.
Is there a way (whilst recording) to trigger the gate on a channel with a single step button?
I’d like to tap one step button to trigger an external source and simultaneously enter a pattern in to the selected Hermod track.

Thanks in advance.

no - the buttons are for entering sequences… there is no ‘live’ mode (unlike the pyramid)

Thanks for the quick response. I figured that was the answer but thought I’d ask in case I was missing something. I understand that the functionality is different from Pyramid but I really think that’s a quick firmware fix that’d I’d give Squarp a lot of respect for.

not really a ‘fix’ as its not designed to do this… so difficult to say if it’d be ‘quick’ or not, or if the buttons are really suitable for this purpose. (e.g. feel)

but for sure, you can always send Squarp a feature request via the contact form , perhaps they’d like the idea, and will know if its feasible or not.

btw: you could ‘workaround’ this by connecting a small/cheap midi drum pad to hermod, I think that might be more ergonomic (personally)

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I agree, the buttons are not ideal for this function but I might put in a request as it would till be useful.


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