Program change when loading a project

I’m trying to setup my project so it sends program changes to all my synths when loaded. I think this should be possible, but I can’t find it in the manual… found something about changing it by using the touchpad or encoders, but that’s not what I want… am I missing something or is this not possible after all?


You can programme all the Pgm changes you want but you’d have to press play on the Pyramid to send them to your devices. You could probably save that to a note free sequence or per track patterns to action the pgm changes without sounding any notes.

Pgm changes can be locked into tracks (or patterns in pattern enabled tracks) via 2nd ÷ Track in the active track.

There’s a “play at startup” setting in the settings that you can enable that ought to kick start that if you don’t want to press play.

That said…I’m not sure if it plays on start-up or load up… Try switching that on and see. You will have to save that setting to default so it does it every time.


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Ok, but how to program that?

Go to the track that you want the pgm change to happen on. (Or the pattern within the track that you want the pgm change to happen on).

Press 2nd + Track.

Turn encoder 1 (PC) until you get the value you want.

If your synth patches are in banks or your patch number is higher than 127 then you will probably have to set an LSB. And maybe an MSB.

That’s it. You’re done.

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Thanks, will try that!

No probs. Let us know how you get on.

I am having issues with changing patterns or banks with my electribe sx, any users on here have any pointers


Whatever midi channel you’ve set for Keyboard Part One is the SX global midi channel. So you need to make sure you are sending PCs on that to switch patterns. Also make sure the midi filter settings are set up so the SX will respond to PCs.

Then you just set the PC value you want in the Pyramid (making sure the track or pattern that you put the PC on in the pyramid is the same channel as the global channel on the SX)

You need to set the MSB and LSB to 00 and 00 for Banks A-B and 00 and 01 for Banks C-D respectively. They are on encoders 2 and 3 on the pyramid.


wow great, been scratching my head for a while now about this, awesome, thank you much.

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No sweat. Hope you got what you need. x

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Hi Jim ,

Was reading the program change subject here .
I have tried all kind of setting and saving the program change / sound accordingly on the pyramid .
Unfortunately every time I restart reload the same project or another song the program changes have changed again on the synth …
for example on my Roland Ju06 I had program change 32 on pyramid but after loading the song again it keep switching to program change 8 for example …

Appreciated your expertise

Hey, will try and help here.

First I’d check that you don’t have any other PCs for the JU06 in any other tracks or patterns or step/automation controls. Or FX (there’s a note # to PC MIDI effect!) Indeed, you should also check for any PCs anywhere else that are being sent on the same MIDI channel and MIDI A/B output.

If you only want this one to be used as your default state for this project, make sure you aren’t sending any out that is instructing the Ju06 otherwise. Really easy to lose track of these things in and amongst multiple tracks and patterns and automation.

You might be saving a PC into a track or pattern that is ‘playing’ at the time that you save. Then when you reload the project, Pyramid is looking at PCs that are going to happen when you hit play, or are in active/inactive mute states and/or Sequences depending on what your project looks like when it loads.

Also I’d check the JU06 spec/manual and see if you need to send a Bank change (usually defined by MSB/LSB setting) at the same time as your PC. But maybe you figured that out already cos you got your PC right when you saved it, yes?

Let me know how you get on.


Hi Jim ,

Many thanks for your feedback .
During those testing i keep a very simple project .
What I did last night in pyramid settings ( not to receive or act on PC messages from Ju 06 )
And it worked out . At least after restart a project all sounds on right spot

Ah - yes. Ahem, that would have been my next suggestion. Glad you got it working. x

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