Problems with Encoder #5

Over the past few months I’ve noticed that my encoder #5 has stopped working consistently, both as a rotary and a push-button. Initially it would advance erratically when turned, but clicked just fine, and over time it became more unreliable. Now it just does nothing at all.
Unit was purchased September 2017, and I’m running PyraOS 2.30.

Strange as this sounds, if you remove the cap does the actually encoder itself (without the cap) behave normally?

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Just gave it a try… didn’t improve :frowning:
I really appreciate the response though! cheers!

To expand on the problem, it’s not that it does nothing at all, all the time, sometimes the values jump around erratically while I turn it, sometimes even decreasing in value though I’m turning clockwise (or vice versa), but most of the time (97%) it doesn’t respond at all. When the unit was just a couple weeks old the values would jump erratically, but always in the direction that it was turned, so it definitely seems to be getting worse over time.

It’s probably physical, but maybe it could be a firmware problem? I was thinking of installing 3.0 anyway for those sweet sweet definitions…

That’s a shame.

My main encoder went what I thought was bad, and it turned out to be the cap.
When I removed the cap, the actual encoder worked just fine.

So to fix it, I added a little piece of paper in the cap and it’s been fine ever since.
I had high hopes that it would be as simple for you.


Same here, the stock caps where sitting a little be low, and when I replaced them with the colored ones, I haven’t had clicking issues. But that’s different from your problem. if you are handy, you could try cleaning the encoder, but I would suggest contacting Squarp, they are really good about these kinds of hardware problems

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Well I appreciate you both taking the time! I’ve reported the issue to Squarp now, so we’ll see how it goes.

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How did it go? I’m having similar issues with my Hermod.

had this issue with two of my pyramid encoders and squarp suggested the paper trick. it helped but it’s an unfortunate patch over replacing encoders entirely. hate to think that one day I might sell my pyramid to someone who will then inherit a sequencer that’s partly made of paper now.