Problem with Pyramid Live Looper - creating 384 bar tracks always

I’m having an issue with my new Pyramid. I’m trying to record using the livelooper mode. I have it set to “beat.” I hit record. I play my stuff (lets say it goes 6 bars). I hit record again. Instead of it looping at 6 bars, it creates a 384 bar track. I don’t want to have to constantly go in and reduce the size of the tracks after-the-fact.
I can’t seem to find a setting that is causing this to happen.
Any ideas?

Are you using the latest PyraOS?

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Yep! 4.02 (first thing I did after taking it out the box was this upgrade).

so after your reply I downloaded a new version of the 4.02 file and reformatted my sd card, and I no longer have the issue. So there was something wrong with my .bin file (even though my pyramid showed 4.02…)

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