Problem with notes "moving" when project is saved

Hello, I’ve had my Pyramid for a week or two and I’ve been having a problem which seems to happen eventually on a lot of projects - maybe just those using non-4/4 time signatures, or even only those with one or more 5/4 patterns.

I’ll be working and saving regularly, everything sounding OK, then I’ll turn off the Pyramid. Later when I come back and load up the same project, I’ll discover that the notes on one or more tracks are no longer exactly on the steps I put them on, they’ll have moved to the previous step with a +94% offset. The first note in any affected pattern will disappear.

Has anyone else experienced this? Forum searches and Googling have failed me. I tried changing my “DEFAULT TS” to 5/4 in settings for a while and that didn’t seem to solve anything.

Turns out it’s fairly easily reproducible…
Youtube link

Is there something obvious I’m doing wrong here?

maybe connected to this similar issue?

Hi Konrad… I’d guess not, that looks a bit more complicated (CC’s, quantisation, etc) - the issue I’m having is that the project which is saved seems to be different to the project currently in memory.

I’m having this same issue. Not sure what to do about it.

All tracks in my project have 5/4 signature. After saving and reloading the project, all notes in those tracks are given a large offset. Seems like a pretty significant bug.

I did a firmware update and it seemed to have worked. I got my 5/4 song back :slight_smile: Hope this helps somebody