Problem with note lengths

I’ve been using the Pyramid for a few years at this point, been through several OS updates and have been running 4.02 for months now.

One thing I’ve consistently had a problem with is working with long note durations. Everything seems to behave normally until I go beyond 127 note lengths. From 128-511, the note length gets chopped back down to 127 after I exit the stepmode display. Then from 512 on, I find that if I save my song and reload, the note durations have been chopped to 1/16. I often work with really long samples and this can get pretty frustrating…

The amount of required info on the bug submission page always turns me away… I just can’t… and I always assume that plenty of other people are going to end up complaining about this sort of thing anyway, but it’s been a really long time and I’m always dumbfounded to find the problem is still around after every OS update. Is no one else experiencing this problem?

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Considering where the Pyramid is cutting off your Note (127) then it would seem to me that’s about the limit of a Note Length on the Pyramid.

Best bet would be to verify the Note Length limit with Squarp on their Contact Page at or perhaps a Feature Request. Sorry, but that’s the best way to get in touch with Squarp at this time.

Perhaps why others aren’t experiencing this could possibly be:

  • On some samplers and Note Event can trigger the start of a long sample, especially one that will be running for a very long period of time rather than Note Events as a Gate.
  • Events that need to be held for excessively long periods of time are usually better accomplished, via synths at least, using CC64 rather than a very long Note Event.

If you post what sampler you’re using, perhaps there is someone who has already addressed this scenario in their workflow and could help by sharing their approach. I only use 2 samplers and both have a trig/run mode that allows me to send one Note Event to trigger the sample irrespective of the Note Length.


CC64 does exactly what I wanted, thank you! I would never have thought of it on my own.

I’m using an MPC One, by the way. Yeah, I know one shot mode would sustain, but it always ended up sounding really awkward at the loop point. Not having that problem with the cc64 approach.

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