Pro-Tip: Fix the unreadable rear markings on your Hapax

So the indented legend above the ports on the Hapax is pretty much unreadable in most conditions without moving the Hapax directly in line with your eyes (and even then…)

But… Pro-Tip - I just used a silver ink pen and coloured in all of the words, waited for it to dry, then wiped off the excess with a cloth and some WD40, and lo and behold!

Much better!

(Disclaimer: No idea how this affects your warranty or any other statutory rights…)


Use a gold pen if you have lots of Instruo modular.



For those not old enough that they had to label their own D20, a white crayon works real well also.

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Will be using this trick on my Tracker, too,

I did the same thing with some black masking tape and silver sharpie.