Printing output of midifx to a track

I’m really close to pulling the trigger on a Pyramid to replace my rm1x/rs7000, which I have used for years.

One of the main reasons I’ve been married to the rm/rs is the ability to “normalize” the midifx onto the track. This basically takes the realtime output of the midifx and prints those notes directly onto the track where they can be edited and further effected.

Can the Pyramid do this? And if it cannot be done through a dedicated function, can the output of the midifx be routed to another track where it can then be edited?

Thanks so much!

Since v3.0, yes. The operation is known as “consolidate” in Pyramid, more details at


Brilliant! Thanks for that… I combed the manual but somehow missed that. Now, to find a way to sneak this past the wife!

Similarly, if I have multiple tracks for LFO’s/euclidean beats is there a way to consolidate these into a single track (at their full length)?

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