Pre send program change

Has anyone ever tried the presend program change which allows elektron machines to change patterns in time?

I’m obviously biased, but we’ve had very good feedback on that feature.


It works generally good with Analog Four mk2 and Analog Rytm mk2. But I have witnessed the pattern change being one measure late.

Maybe redundant, but wouldn’t it make sense to be able to change the pre-send offset per track/instrument definition?

I got confirmation from Elektron 3–4 weeks ago that the A4 has a bug that makes pattern changes lag behind. So probably not a fault of the Hapax.

@josker Thanks for that info, :pray:t2:

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I just discovered this feature after struggling to integrate my rytm mk2 with the hapax for pattern changes and am so grateful it’s there. Thank you Squarp for providing a good workaround to a problem elektron has been unable to fix for several years!