PPQN or something else? Can not see the beginning of the MIDI event

In short.

I transfer some of my favorite compositions from a DAW where MIDI tracks exist, but I do it hybridly - some tracks via MIDI export and import into HAPAX and other tracks I record them - HAPAX Slave…

The problem I’m having is that due to differences in the resolution of the MIDI settings, some MIDI events (not notes, but automation) require resetting. OK, no problem, but … sometimes the resolution of HAPAX is not enough.

I see the event, the corresponding lane is created automatically and the information is there, but even at the highest zoom, the start of the event is not active, I only see its ‘tail’ duration. Wanting to move it to the right place, I can’t select the start, I can’t even delete it or change anything… Select and hold a few steps is active but … the start is not selected, it’s the same with ALL the key selects everything but I can’t even delete the information. The only way is by initializing a pattern.

Why is this happening? I am recording with the highest ppqn resolution setting that HAPAX allows me.

And yes, in one such record only one or two automation lanes out of a total of 7-8 recorded create this concern, the rest are ok. Yes, I can change things in DAW, but in this case it’s not possible because I’m transferring a very complex combination involving an Ultranova sequencer-arpeggiator and several real time touch buttons, a synth part that was played and recorded on MIDI during a concert and every shuffle of events cause the Ultranova synthesizer not to create the exact sound modeling ie. - it is important to transfer it in real time mode as it was written sometime years ago.

can you select automation with the ‘all’ button on top right of the grid? sorry i dont know this but its worth a try or indeed by lassoing the area where the event is supposed to happen?

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No problem with the All selection method-the grid is acting normal delete button is ligten, just have no what to select/delete it is like - it just not exist event like this … just his tail is here :smiley:

it might be nice to move events with the arrow keys to the next grid step in the direction youre pressing once selected. this would make it easy to manipulate afterwards. or maybe a rotation that also quantizes

I think I submitted a feature request to be able to grab notes anywhere along the tail not just the initial note point.

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hmm that sounds good too. if youre not trying to quantize all events in your phrase loop, maybe just quantize the first event and after that you can move the whole controller phrase, preserving the events timing relative to the first event… thus making the controller phrase a ‘clip’ with timing nuance preserved.

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It would also be nice to be able to indicate in some way when editing automation, for the selected steps, events from which lanes we want to move as one, because in this hard case, I’m trying to edit a complex event that feeds to the synthesizer in a strictly defined MSB+LSB, staggered + interpolation control and MSB+LSB are in sync, and I can’t ‘catch’ both controls because we can only see one :wink: