Potential for increasing the number of sequences?


Yeah I was already thinking that there must be a significant hurdle somewhere or they would have done it long ago. And yes, of course noone likes super specific options that disable other functionality… it‘s just that I have no use for Autopattern, only for more sequences :wink:

I totally get that there are many more ways to create variation, it‘s just that the SEQ mode could be so insanely good for the type of music that I make - which happens to work a lot with cuts between (harmonically and otherwise) different sections. So I usually need to change several patterns at once or the harmonies will be off. At the moment, the only way to do this seems to be the SEQ mode. I can certainly work with 32 different pattern combinations for building a song structure, but to really get creative I additionally need variations of these sequences (i.e. for quickly cutting into a „break version“ of the same harmonic sequence). I guess I can make it work by using an external controller to control mutes and using SEQ only to select patterns (so i.e. I switch all patterns to the bridge harmony on the Pyramid and mute the drums through a controller at the same time), but it would be so much better if I just needed to press one button on the Pyramid. Well thanks for your help, I‘m going back to figuring out a solution.


I’d like to hear more about your process.
I’ve been working on an improvisational control system for the Pyramid and even tho it’s built around how I interface with music and gear, I could really use some time listening to others.

From your brief description of your relationship with the Pyramid I’m interested in hearing more.
Feel free to pvt msg me.

Incidentally, the system I’ve been working on utilizes external controllers and a MIDI translator box to create ‘groups’ within sequences. That sounds much more mundane than what I think it is. Maybe I’ll draw something up (because it’s too complex just for text) and post it on a blog someday.

Not right now.
Kind of medicated.