Possible to duplicate a channel across outputs?

Hey there! Using hapax in a modular hybrid setup. I am thinking of moving my drums to ableton via usb-midi, but i would like to duplicate the kick output to one of my gates to allow me to sidechain in modular rack. Is there a way to have a drum channel output duplicate to a gate as well? Or to set up a separate track to be an output replica of an existing track without having to copy all of the notes manually?

Not sure if this addresses what your are talking about but seems like its in the ball park

channel 1 … 16 Gate 1 … Gate 4 Cv 1 … Cv 4 Cv/Gate 1 … Cv/Gate
Sets the channel of the lane (each lane can have a different MIDI channel).
A lane can also trig its drum events on a selected Gate output or a Cv output (a Cv
output will act like a gate, with 0/5V trig levels).
You can even use the “Cv/Gate” output to perform with drum accents (the gate will
trig the event, the Cv will output the drum velocity).
Tip By default, the channel of drum lanes follow the channel of the track. Once it has
been changed manually, it is independant from the track’s channel.
Tip Hold one or multiple row buttons and Rotate encoder ① or ② in order to
change all selected lanes parameters at once.
Note On drum tracks, the midi output channel defined in the track settings does not
affect the lanes outputs, although it will be used for midi automation output.

I think you should be able to use the Env effect.

You can set it up to only trigger on the kick’s midi note.
And then you have the option to generate the ducking envelope with Hapax, or to configure the Env effect with the shortest possible attack and decay to have it act as a trigger for an env module in your rack.