Possible bug in Sequential (default) play mode

Is this a bug or intentional? When the sequencer play mode is set to “Sequential (default)” and I switch to another pattern while it’s playing, it doesn’t always restart the new pattern from the beginning!

FWIW, I’ve looked at the “Sequence loop length” parameter, but it doesn’t make sense to me. Why would I want all sequences to be the same length? They’re often different lengths, and I want each one’s length to be respected.

I think there is a way to set up how the sequence plays back.
Restart maybe?

I agree about the confusion around loop length. Even in Step mode I get confused about zoom level, and track length.
I understand that because there are only 8 steps displayed that [2] is a bar, this zoom of [4] would then show us one bar, and all of its steps at 1/8 note zoom (?) but I’m still thinking like it’s the Pyramid, in terms of bars and beats. To me the length of [1] would be 4 beats, 1 bar, 16 steps.
But it seems to based on the display pads, and not musical math.