Polyend Play versus Hapax

Good question about the Oxi One. I don’t like the form factor and don’t do much with eurorack (midi stuff here).

I tried to change the thread title to be: “Hapax Polyend Play or Oxi One?” but don’t know how.

I was undecided between Oxi and Hapax, ended up with the Squarp, but I’d love to try the Oxi for sure.

In broad strokes, the Hapax seems to fit better in a medium/large setup, like the Pyramid, where you want to control a good amount of stuff.
I think the Oxi would be more suited for a small amount of gear, due to its 4 sequencer structure.
On the other hand, the One have more portability and probably more generative/creative oriented modes, like stochastic and the harmonizer that seems really cool.

As a personal note, the Hapax looks a bit more refined on the UI where the One feels a bit cramped and unfinished in some ways, but is also true that the Oxi team is doing a really great job on firmware/add ons to quickly elevate the user experience.

In a perfect world I’d go with the Hapax in the studio, and with the Oxi One and iPad as a mobile setup to go make music outside.

I’m curious to see what Oxi can do in a couple of years, after all the experience they’re achieving with their first product. I hope to see an Oxi One 2.0 , with a different, more capable hardware structure, and all the good things they’re doing already software side. That could be a really great sequencer, but for now my money stays with Squarp

Ciaba your take on them is really on point IMO. The OXI is more portable because of the battery and bluetooth, but it is surprisingly large. It comes with a very big, very safe feeling case. it weighs all of the lbs. The Hapax came with a dust cover instead, which pretty well illustrated the way you’re looking at them above.

The Hapax feels like much, much more machine. If I could choose one it would be the Hapax, no question. It seems likely that I’ll say that about Hapax vs anything at this point tbh.

The OXI I cannot give its fair shake. I don’t have modular or do gate/cv so the place where it excels doesn’t even get air time with me. I could see it being the heart of your setup in a modular world, if the modular world is really like it seems in the videos. I can’t see it as the heart of a midi setup though. For midi it feels more like an instrument interface / musical sketch builder. Hapax feels more like a hands-on, better version of a DAW.

The OXI should steal the drums racks and coloring from the Hapax. And a bunch of other stuff. If your focus is a sequencer I can say without a doubt you are describing the Hapax. If you’re looking for a DAWless DAW equivalent then you probably want an M… actually nvm.

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