Please Mr/Mrs Pyramid

Please please please include in the update …read .sys ex .please and write it back .sysex …please
my and i am sure many others synths will love you even more. please
awwww come on man! please.

I think developers have collected plenty of request in the old forum and will try implementing what’s possible and reasonable for them. stay patient - it will be worth the wait.

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yup i know .but still the sysex thing would save me money…ya it’s selfish but it would be sooo cool.

What i miss in Pyramid- is two things:

  1. Any midi file from sd to any channel. Kinda midimix from Command Stations and, probably, rs7000.
  2. Mark region in pattern with functions:
    a) Temporary loop. Create pattern from loop. (Temporary loop in Command Stations)
    b) Reverse marked.

Must have.