Please help with my setup for I'm an idiot

I have a Squarp Pyramid, a prophet 6, a behringer odyssey, a behringer RD-8, a tr-505, a Korg SV-1, an alesis drum pad thing, and a couple of old roland 80’s digital rack synths. Can I makwe these all talk together with a USB hub? Like can I somehow use USB instead of all these one way midi cables? Obviouslyt I mean the devices that support usb. The old stuff wont. Also is there a way to use my prophet 6 AND the drum pad to control the Pyramid? Like the pads for drum parts? Thats just a bonus though although I’d really like to use the drum pad to go INTO the drum machine to write on, but also be syncs witht the same midi timecode when its all playing, if that makes sense…so like can I usb the timecode to the behringer but have the drum pad midi in’d to the drum machine also to play the drum machine with pads? I dont really get any of it and I was around when MIDI came out! I should mention im a guitar player soooo you know…

lots of questions in there, so I’ll start with the first one:

to which the answer is yes. I don’t own any of that gear (used to have a prophet 6, which I should note - if you are attempting to use this as a controller and sound source, gets rather tricky… there’s a long thread somewhere here about it. Much easier using an external midi keyboard to control things), but you certainly can get usb midi talking. A powered hub is doable, but hard without some sort of software directing traffic. for standalone use without any sort of computer, I’d recommend getting a dedicated midi box. It will make life a lot easier, the iconnect boxes have 5pin midi as well as 8 ports of usb (just plug in a hub to the host port) with an extremely in-depth routing and parameter control.

I use the iconnectaudio4+ which offers the same midi routing options, but also sports 4 analog inputs so that I can use it as a mixer and recording interface.

Take a piece of paper and plan your midi routing using midi thru for clock and cc message, keyboard and so on. Then you’ll see what is coming to pyramid and you route it back to your modules as needed.

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