Pitch Bend smoothing

Hey guys, another question, I have an Expert Sleepers FH-2 converting MIDI incoming from ROLI Seaboard over USB, into MIDI DIN, which goes into my Pyramid.

The Pyramid has MIDI OUT which goes into FH-2’s MIDI IN to sequence my synth.

My issue is the pitchbend parameter seems to be stepped (although very tiny steps!) is there an option to switch into smoothed pitchbend in Pyramid?

bumping :frowning:

I don’t think so, unfortunately I believe the pyramid always sends as 7 bit rather than 14bit - technically its only send MSB, LSB is always 0.

my guess is because every other midi message is 7bit, and they didn’t make an exception for PB - which is a real shame :frowning:

only workaround I can think of is with an intelligent midi processor that would introduce a slew on pb values.

you can always ping Squarp https://squarp.net/contact - perhaps they could add a slew for pitchbend.
(I cannot see them adding 14 bit support at this time)

EDIT: Post did not add to the thread other than, “Tested this - Technobear is correct. PB is sent as Ec 00 0mmmmmmm.”

This is extremely sad.

i had a thought on this that might help you (it wont solve issue)…

what do you have the pitchbend range set to?
if you reduce the pb range, then you get significantly better glide resolution - at the expense of glide range.

e.g if you sent the PB range to +/-2 semitones, you will get 4/127 ( so about 3 cents) resolution. the ‘trade off’ is you can now only slide 2 notes…

so essentially, you can try to find a compromise, that reduces the stepping to an acceptable level , whilst gives you a glide range you need.

as i said, not a solution - but in some circumstances might be acceptable given constraints we have at the moment.

(as i said, you can also post a feature request via the contact form to squarp)

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Hey again! This issue was resolved for me using smoothing on the FH-2. Either way, for my use case which is ROLI pitch glides, I would need 24 semitone bend range, which 7-bit sounds absolutely awful on.

cool glad to hear you have found a solution/workaround.

sure, if you’re doing 2 octave glides, then yeah… you’re going to need 24 semis.

with my expressive controllers, and for my style, I find myself tending to use more 3-6 note glides, otherwise for my taste it feels a bit too much - but for sure this is personal taste and style - I know others that do long glides and it sits really well in their music.

also I appreciate, its more convenient to stick a controller on 24/48 semis and not have to worry about it.

buy hey only a suggestions if its no good to you then Im glad you have found an alternative way that works for you.

I just stumbled upon this issue playing a Linnstrument 128 through my Pyramid. Even with the bend range at a single octave, it’s essentially impossible to hold pure tones because even the most minute pitch bend down message is rounded down audibly by losing the LSB. Stationary notes sound glitchy and flat.

My amateur reading of MIDI docs is that pitch bend data is 14-bit per the MIDI specification, since 1.0. I don’t want to assume that deviating from this is a choice; it could very well just be a bug or an implementation oversight.

I will certainly be contacting them and hope they will agree that they should conform to the MIDI specification for pitch bends.

FYI, I have reported this as a bug. I hope that the Squarp team, who I respect greatly, will agree that any MIDI sequencer should be able to record and reproduce MIDI 1.0 pitch bend messages.

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