PGCH messages to Analog Rytm Mk I not working

Anyone successfully sent program change messages to an Analog Rytm MkI? Somehow I can’t get is working (I think it’s a Rytm issue, though).

Settings on RYTM:

  • Midi input: MIDI + USB
  • AUTO Channel 14
  • PGCH channel: AUTO
  • Receive PGCH: Yes
  • Send PGCH: NO

Settings on Pyramid:
Track channel: 14

I tried sending PGCH by the 2nd+Track option. MSB and LSB also don’t seem to work.
My minilogue instantly responds to the Pyramid with the same sort of settings on the pyramid.

Rytm responds to note information from the Pyramid on the same channel, so it’s probably not in the connection…

Hope that someone has a RYTM, i’ll try posting on the elektronauts forum too.



What’s the chng and length settings on the rytm? If the pattern lenght is INF unless chng is +2 it won’t respond to external PGM changes.

MSB and LSB are redundant, you don’t need to worry about those. Rytm can only hold 127 patterns in memory at once, each one corresponding to a bank and one of 16 patterns within that. Ie you only need the pgm change value. Bank-pattern A1 is PGM 1, A2 PGM 2 B1 PGM 17 etc etc.

Actually A1 might be 0, A2 1…can’t remember right now.

Also, you won’t get instant pattern switching on Rytm, you need to send the PGM changes +2 steps in advance and adjust the Chng value accordingly. Pretty annoying!



Thank you, Jim, I forgot about the INF setting, it solved my problem.

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