PERFORM delay selection BUG!

I have the perform delay selection set to full. I then set my time signature to 3/4(problem occurs on any sequence that is not 4/4 or 4/8 etc) the perform delay then waits almost a measure longer then the pattern to switch to the next sequence, and switches in the middle of the sequence not when its done,

the status bar at the bottom of the SEQ display also gets very long it takes 4 loops to get threw the stats bar when it should only be one. when its set to 4/4 it get threw the sates in one loop.

i can not use the pyramid to perform my song with a 3/4 time signature other then setting it to instant i can not properly get to the next SEQ.

Please help or fix.

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Hi @Robotboot

  1. What version of PyraOS are you running?
  3. Have you tried to set SETTINGS > MISC > DEFAULT TS L = 3 ? (when you are playing with 3/4 tracks)
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  1. 2.995
  2. POLYMETERS but i tried POLYRHYTMS and its not working
  3. Yes setting L=3 is not working

My song switched between 3/4 and 4/4 but this is a problem with any song that goes off of the one time signature. If i view the tracks with the Display+Track i can see all the tracks are ending at the same time but the PERFORM delay is not waiting till the sequences are fully played its locked into some measure count that is unrelated to the sequences. This is something that the BeatStep Pro does well. Waiting for the sequence to end to switch. Something seams messed up on the Pyramid for this setting. Please ask me any questions or i could provide a video showing the problem. Hard to explain.

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@squarpadmin I wrote a song in 3/4 POLYRHYTMS that is just a simple 3 note sequence. I recorded a private video showing the problem of the sequences not waiting till fully played to switch.

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Am i the only one that has this problem? Im having trouble with the perform delay on most things that are not 1 measure 4/4

I’m having this problem as well.


I am able to reproduce it with your settings. Can you confirm that it’s working as intended is you set the default TS L (time signature left in the settings) to 4 even with a 3/4 polyrhythms track ?

On my side i have :
Polyrhythms :

  1. default TS L 4 Track time signature 3/4 OK
  2. default TS L 3 Track time signature 3/4 KO

Polymetric :
3) default TS L 4 Track time signature 3/4 OK (seq are switching on a 4/4 basis so at the end of 4 quarternotes even with a 3/4 polymetric Track)
4) default TS L 3 Track time signature 3/4 OK (seq are switching on a 3/4 basis)

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Im having huge trouble with the perform delay it only seams to work in 4/4. it does not seam to be tied to the time signature of the sequences being performed or the length of the sequences performed.