Per-lane swing generation

Hey :slight_smile:
I’m using an Electribe 2 as my bread and butter drumbox.
One thing that’s cool about it it that you can have groove (ie timing and velocity ajustments) per “lane”. I couldn’t find a way to have grooves applied by lane instead of the whole pattern (or even track!).
Am I missing something?

Also, as an alternative, it would be worth having “preset grooves” in the Algo section to quickly layout drum grooves. That would be an excellent workaround!



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The ‘groove’ Algo I think was mooted before, and is a great idea, especially if you could program them in yourself. Can’t remember if it was submitted as an official suggestion, but also know that Squarp were after algo ideas, so stick it in!

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I like this algo idea. I think I will try setting up a project just for drum parts. Can you copy/paste parts from Project B to Project A?
(This is another place where MIDI file import would be helpful.)

Yep, super easy. In the pattern page, hold Copy then select the pattern you want to copy; the left screen will confirm pattern copied. Select Proj B, hold Paste then select the slot you want to drop the pattern into. As far as I can tell everything comes over (notes, settings, automation)

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