Patterns of different length

Hey folks! I’m a bit new to the Pyramid but I’m having an issue that’s holding me back.

I’m setting up my tracks as individual drum parts and have a variety of different patterns under each drum part. Most of these tracks are set up in 4 bar patterns until I get comfortable and more creative.

I’m also running a synth bass and putting different patterns under the synth bass track.

The synth bass track patterns I’m I’m using are, for example, 4 bars, 1 bar, 4 bars.

When I switch to the pattern that is one bar everything seems to work as planned, but when I switch back to a 4 bar track there is often an empty hole in the bass as the 4 bar drum patterns march by towards bar 1. Is there a way I can make the pattern switch on the next downbeat so I don’t wind up with empty holes?

Thanks much!

not quite sure I follow,

but I suspect what you need to look at the settings that deal with quantization of changes.


its sound like your interested in PATTERN DELAY
it defaults to SEQ PERFORM,
which is the number under SEQ -> PERFORM


(yes, this is used even when your not really using SEQ if its set to SEQ_PERFORM)

you might also want to look at track run modes

its an area that is pretty logical once you know it, but can be a little confusing at first.
its very powerful meaning that you can easily cue up pattern/mute/seq changes

of course, if you don’t like it… then you can alway set it to INST (instant, or beat) and manage the timing yourself.


Thanks mate, you sent me to the right menu. I’ll get this figured out! :slight_smile:

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