Patterns don't necessarily launch at their beginnings

Ok… so I’ve got a 2 bar pattern and a 4 bar pattern on one of my tracks and I start playing with the 2 bar pattern. I’m using “PTRN = SYNC” mode and I queue the 4 bar pattern to begin at the end of the first playback of the 2 bar pattern.

When the 4 bar pattern begins playing, it starts playing 2 bars in, as if it’s playhead was already going when it wasn’t playing and it didn’t get reset when it launched. This happens in other Pattern launching modes (1 bar, 2 bar… anything really).

This seems totally busted to me! Am I missing a critical setting?

Sets the behavior of the player upon a pattern change :
free Resets the position to the beginning of the pattern after a change.
restart Keeps the previous position of the player upon a pattern change. The playhead will not jump in this case.


I see! So this is a per-pattern setting? Is there a way that I could have it default to restart?

It is a track setting. I don’t know of a way to change the default.

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It is per pattern.

You can change it either in the Track Hold menu, or when holding a pad in PATTERN mode.

To change it for all patterns of a track, you can just make a selectio of the entire column, and set it to RESTART for all of them at once.