Pattern start point question (solved)

Hi there. Another question here. Say I have two patterns on a track of different lenghts. In seq1 pattern1 plays, in seq2 pattern2 plays (I know it’s mute/unmuted in fact). When I switch from one to another, right now the next pattern resumes at the position where the 1st left… What should I do if I wanted the next one to start from the beginning when switching? Is this at all possible? Thanks

Interesting question.
Are you familiar with Track Run Modes and is your system not operating as expected within those functions?

Edit to add: sorry, thought the link would go right to Run Modes. Scroll down. Yeah, it’s the SEQ Mode section but Run Modes are set in the Track Settings. Plus you can have different Run Modes for each Pattern within a Track

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Hi, thanks for reminding me! Relatch is what I wanted. Pyramid is a bit overwhelming sometimes :wink: