Pattern lenght on a Midi Track

Hello community
I run my Pyramid in Polymetric Mode. How can I define a track lenght of 15/16 on a Midi track?
Thx for advice and help!

so you’re using polymeter, and you want 15 x 1/16th notes - correct?
for polymeter you simply set signature to 15/16, then 1 bar will be 15 x 1/16.

for polyrhythm, you’d set signature to 16/16, and then dial back the track length to 15/16…
this should work on polymeter too, buts not really necessary as it can be done with just the signature.

Thank you for your response. This is correct. In Polymeter Mode I can define a a time measurement of 15/16. But the issue then is, that a time based effect like an arpeggiator interprets the 16th note value as a quarter.
In my example: If I put the arp on my 15/16 bar, arp speed 1/4, the arp outputs a 16th note pattern. No matter which zoom factor is chosen…
Strange, isn‘t it?

how to do the same with hermod, track lenght of 15/16 or 3/16 ?