Pattern edit improvements

Hi folks! I’ve been using the happax for at least 6 months and so far I’m really happy with it. I’m working on a live set but I’ve encoutered some inconveniences. Maybe this could be upgraded with a firmware update :-). While trying to arrange a song I miss de ability while being in the pattern mode to see the clips I’m working on.

1.It would be great to be able to see the clips while being in pattern mode.

  1. I also find it a little bit strange that you are not able to select the clip if you press it in the pattern mode and worst the track stays locked in the selected track. So some times of you don’t think of the selected track after changing to the step mode you can erase or mess things up. Specially with larger projects and specially if you are controlling program changes (instruments getting the same pattern but a different program change) . I think the work would be more congruent if you can select the track when you press the clip in the pattern view.

  2. In the step mode please add on on the right window the information of the current program change of the pattern. (It’s a little bit hidden and tedious to look up holding the track button)

This topic also is related to the wish of colors in pattern mode!! Please implement this squarp!!

Getting Luis