Pattern creation live

How can I create back to back patterns on the same track live.

If I have one pattern playing and I want to record another on the same track live I don’t have enough fingers.

Lets say Track 1 pattern 1 is playing. When pattern 1 completes I want to record Pattern 2. But I would have to hold “step” select pattern 2 -> go back to live mode and hit record all in a mili second.

Is there a way to force the pattern to completion before changing patterns. Or somehow queue a pattern to record.

I’m only responding so you don’t think you’re screaming into the void.

As far as I know, this is not possible with Patterns.

Perhaps someone brighter may chime in, but I just didn’t want you to think no one was reading your post.


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There are options for when you want a certain action (mutes, track/pattern/seq x to track/pattern/seq y to name few) to take place in relation to you when you performed it.

In MISC options within the settings go to pattern delay and you have choices as to when the pattern will move from pattern x to y like 1, 2, 4, or 8 bars after you inititate the change. Theres one that follows the sequence that might be great for you.

Hope this help.

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I’d go this way:

You are in live mode and sequence Mode is in loop or play mode.

Seq1 plays pat1,
Seq2 plays pat2

As it comes to seq2 just press record button or even better to have the ps-6 foot switch for free hands

But yes, there is still a millisecond to hit the start of seq2, because I am not sure whether the next seq will stop or not the recording in sequence mode

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that would be cool to be able to write a “begin recording” note on the 1 of any pattern or track

Some excellent suggestions.
If a workaround is where you’ll need to end up, perhaps I can offer yetanotherworkaround.

I find it easier to Record several Tracks when I’m on a musical roll and then Copy the MIDI Data to separate Patterns. But I do more gruntwork copying data around than even I can handle, so that might be a PITA also.


I have not even looked at the sequencer section. I did not think it would help for live looping music creation on the fly. I thought it was more for performing a pre written set of patterns.

What I was trying to do was get out of the computer. Because recording pattern one after another is the absolute basics in Ableton.

for some reason your response came thru as a reply to my comment.
Just in case: I wasn’t suggesting Sequencer Mode (I don’t even use that - or rather, I only use the SEQ Mode to select Patterns using All Pattern 01s for 1 song/part of a performance).

Nor did my suggestion include using a computer, which is…umm…rare. LOL

It’s just that going to a next Track is easy where going Pattern to Pattern is cumbersome, so you can record Track to Track and then Copy the Track data (whilst on the Pyramid) to a different Track and Pattern.

Only posting for clarity because: clarity matters when your head is a fuzzy as mine!

I posted here by mistake. I will respond to this in my thread.

This is pretty close to working. The problem is you have to time the record button perfectly, which is nearly impossible I did it once in 10 tries. So what happens is I can’t get a note on beat one. I probably could if I quantizes to quarter notes. But that would be a ridiculous work around. The sequencer should not control the music…

I think I still must be missing a setting somewhere. I can’t be the first person to want to record two bass patterns in a row. Further more, if you can not do this, it would mean that you could never add a pattern directly after another pattern on the same instrument with out the issue I described

I can understand your requirement, but i don’t think the pyramid was designed to work in the way… its not modelled around a clip/looper/ableton-like workflow. (e.g. things like patterns were added later) - however the pyramid is pretty flexible … as you say, know it already has patterns, and the sequencer can sequence these patterns.

I think the ‘missing’ element for your workflow is that the sequencer currently stops recording whenever a new sequence is launched - in your context, it seems that you’d prefer that the recording state ‘continues’ ( so it does not have to be ‘reactivated’)
Id guess this behaviour would need to be optional, as others might find the current stop recording as sequences switch useful.

I remember in the past others also mentioning that they’d like similar behaviour (sequencer not stop recording).

as @CreepyPants said previously, contact squarp via the contact form , with details of what you are trying to do , and ideas on how you think it might fit into the pyramid workflow - at the end of the day, they are the only ones that know if this is a major change and if its feasible or not.

important note:
Squarp have previously pointed out that the Pyramid firmware is very close to the limits on cpu/memory limitations of the hardware. the firmware has also reached a level of maturity and stability - so most changes are now, tweaks, refinements and of course bug fixes -rather than major changes.