Pairing the Hermod with Pyramid

theres not really any ‘pairing feature’ …
not sure where you got this, but I suspect, it was meant they work well together.

some of this has been discussed in this thread

as i stated in that thread, I use the Pyramid and Hermod together all the time.
the Pyramid as the sequencer, and the Hermod as midi to cv, with effects, and modulation input (from CV).

some will say this under-utilises the Hermod, and that you can get much the same using the Pyramid + any midi 2 cv module - and to some extent thats true.
but I like the Hermod workflow/UI, and I like the fact that I can use it as a standalone sequencer, if/when I don’t want to use the pyramid.
no right/wrong answer - just depends what you want, budget etc.

technically, how I ‘pair’ it, is I connect the Pyramid over USB (so midi) to Hermod… usually I then run the pyramid as the clock, pass that to hermod, where it can distribute.
(I dont really bother with the CV on the pyramid , as the hermod is enough for my needs… but its possible)

btw: i do think it would be cool if @squarpadmin could actually think about this pairing a little more.
e.g. if hermod support pyramidi, then that could potential open up some interesting possibilities, like pyramid muting hermod tracks.