Pagination of bars shorter than 16 steps (the "non power-of-2 length problem")

When I set a track of, say, 3 bars in 15/16 (time sig in polymetric setting), with a zoom so that one bar fits on a page, I would ideally like to see each bar over its own page (and so the final step of each page would just be blank)
It’s not the case, the page of the first bar shows the first step of the second bar, and the second page shows the 2 first steps of the third bar, and so on. It means that processing each bar is made a bit difficult because I have no way to select some arbitrary bar (eg to transpose it), because (except the first bar), each bar is spread over 2 pages (and zooming back to have several full bars per page makes it impossible to just select precisely one bar, each step is now too coarse).

I don’t think there is, but is there a way to limit each page to just 15 steps?

Alternately, it would be possible to do the same by just scrolling (going through the track in a step by step fashion), instead of paginating.

More generally, what I’d really like to have is some more flexible zoom (that can cope with zoom values which aren’t powers of 2). This could be used to make a “rescale”/“fit-to-page” feature: make a selection in Step mode, and then apply any zoom setting that makes the selection fit over exactly one page (so it’d update the note offsets etc so that my 15 step sequence now becomes a 16 step one).
I can sort of do it if I input each note manually (and tweak the offset of each note), and treat 16 steps “as if they were 15” but A. that’s not super convenient because it requires tempo-hacking and also B. it’s not doable if I record some MIDI keyboard.

What is your workflow when you have bars which don’t contain a number of beats that is a power of 2?

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I also encountered this problem just a few days ago

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