Ordered my Hapax - Looks amazing

I ordered mine Hapax last night the moment I found out about it.

I have a Squarp Pyramid that I enjoy and it works so well, no the Hapax is not going to replace my Pyramid, these will work together perfect for each other.

Looking forward to adding the Hapax to my sequencer collection, I’m most interested in generative features that the Hapax currently has and the new ones that are coming with future firmware updates.

Squarp Dev team, you guys are amazing!


I think so too…

whilst the Pyramid (/ Hermod) and Hapax share a lot of similarities, they also do have some differences in the way they approach things (also the form factor)

also its easy to forget…
The pyramid is still one of the best sequencers on the market , its incredibly powerful…
the release of a new shiny thing does not change that !


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