Oplab module not syncing to clock from squarp pyramid

Posted this on op forums, but figured someone here might also be able to help.
Title says it all. I’m planning on syncing multiple devices to the squarp but the opz seems to dislike the clock from the pyramid. At worst it freezes and at best it ignores all inputs. Midi is being sent from Midi A to the input of the oplab which is set to midi. Clock in is the only midi option selected for now. I’m new to the squarp environment so this is probably user error.

I don’t have an opz…
but some thoughts to perhaps gets some progress.

perhaps describe exactly how you have set it up so far…
e.g. sound like you are using midi din 1 → TRS cable for midi → op lab?
(is the TRS cable - standard a or b?

what works, what doesn’t?
e.g. can you send notes to the op-z and it works ok?

do you have any output coming back into the pyramid?
(midi feedback loops are a common problem for users)

what’s your configuration? on both pyramid and opz
e.g. what’s ppqn set to ?

unfortunately, the issue here is quite simple…
the Pyramid midi clock is completely standard, and frankly that standard is pretty straightforward… so its been used by lots of user for lots of midi instruments.

its more likely to be something odd with the hardware you’re using, or something on the OPZ side… which might be better to chase on the teenage engineering forums?
(perhaps users have had issues clocking it from other hardware?)

Well as i stated i only have it configured to receive midi clock messages, but i have tried sending notes out of midi out A. One connection. I’ve tried several configs as part of my standard troubleshooting as im well aware the opz is far from perfect. All my minijack devices are midi A standard, and the adapter works to send midi out to the squarp. Midi out B actually works to sync the op-z with identical settings to Midi out A. I will try usb later. The failure modes are the opz freezes, or ignores incoming messages.

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