On the Fence Buyer: Is this workflow achievable?

Hello friends,

Pretty new to electronic music production in general, so bear with me.

I play drums, have a DTX Yamaha electronic kit at my home studio.

I’d like to lay down the bar structure of my song using the DTX into the Squarp Pyramid, MIDI channel 10 for instance. I don’t plan on quantizing, but instead would like the rest of the tracks to “follow” this (derived) beat map.

From what I can tell, most DAWs can generate a beat map in a similar way by detecting transients in audio files, but I’m not sure if the Squarp can do this.

no, the pyramid wont do this

(and actually, quite a few daws wont either :wink: )

Ah ok. I was afraid of that. I think Reaper and the SWS “Groove Tool” extension can extract grooves (beat maps) from an audio or midi file, but yeah, I guess something even real-time would be tricky.

Pyramid is a midi-/CV-only device, no audio detection.

Right, but being purely data, I figured a MIDI stream would be actually easier to detect transients with.

Ok, now I get what you mean – still, not possible as @thetechnobear pointed out. Sorry.
Midi data doesn’t really have transients, does it? Maybe transients could be approached in combination with Aftertouch. But that’s nitpicking…
In general, I would suggest to wait a little longer and see how PyraOS v3.0 might change some things.
I’m sure that what you asked for won’t be possible, but some hope for a refined live looping workflow which could be interesting for you. Have a nice day! :slight_smile:

yeah, it sounds like Cubase’s Midi Tempo Detection is really the only game in town for that. Reaper can kind of do it with some extensions I think. Logic can do it with audio (most work on audio), but MIDI, no. I kind of figured with MIDI having velocity and distinct note values you could assign to “snare” “kick” and “hi-hat”, it would be trivial vs. having to “hear” audio and detect transients.

Might something like this for Ableton Live be what you’re looking for?


edit: it’s not for MIDI data obviously, but thought it could be worth mentioning at least :slight_smile:

you generate a midi clock for the pyramid with this

while playing drums it should be possible to generate some trigger

You can almost certainly do this with Ableton Live and anything else that has the ability to generate a groove template from a MIDI sequence. The Pyramid and similar sequencers are geared towards electronic music based on loops so it isn’t really suitable for what you’re thinking. Cubase or Logic is more like it.