Oh Duh - Brain Cramp - Something Something Muted *NOTES* (not Tracks) and Chance of playing


Okay, I might have dreamt it.
Can’t find anything on it, my Search-fu may be malfunctioning, tho.
Be my brain?

So in Step Mode if you Mute a Step/Note (not the Track, just that Step), I’d swear I read somewhere in one of the PyraOS updates that there was an Effect or a setting you can adjust a Chance of the muted notes of actually playing.

Did I dream it?
If you have a vague recollection of this, if you would be so kind as to point me in the right direction. Even an additional search term to find it in the Forum or Documentation would be handy.

Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:


Sorry, Found it!

We also added the Mute PROBABILITY , allowing you to change the probability (from 0% to 100%) of a muted note to be played.

under Assign: Assign a Master Effect

now to test that to see if it means what I read it to mean.
I can elaborate if anyone else has this confusion or desires this info, but leaving posts here in case anyone else searches for this.


Well, yes and no.
I read this as changing the probability of Muted Notes to happen.

So I went into a Track, and did the [2nd]+[Step] on 4 Note Events.
Went to Assign: Assign Master Effect: Mute Probability

As I read the aforementioned manual items, my assumption is that now Assigning an Encoder to the Mute Probability will modulate the Probability that one of the Notes I have Muted in the Step Edit section can be altered by the Encoder. That is, if I rotate the Encoder so that the display indicates 100%, then all the notes that Muted via the Step Edit section [2nd]+[Step] should now play.

Curiously enough, out of 5 notes, the last two play seemingly every time, but none of the others do.

Am I thinking wrong or is this a possible bug?
I seem to find all the ones wrt probabilities. heh heh


No users have piped up with suggestions/comments/queries/solutions/etc, so I assume either everyone knew this already, or is not interested in this info.

I’m going to update the thread anyway.

I’m not sure what my problem is (there are many, ask my therapist), but on the Pyramid specifically I was able to duplicate the ‘problem’. After a msg to Squarp, I was correct in my assumptions of how Mute Probability is supposed to work (and, just as you’d expect it and how it’s documented), but there must have been some corruption or issue with my rig at the time of my previous tests.

All runs as expected with the latest OS at this time (3.2)

That is:

  • In Step Mode you can Mute Events by pressing [2nd]+[Pad].
  • Once these are muted, you can Assign a Master Effect to “Mute Probability”, which is the probability of the muted notes to be played.

So: couple Mute Probability with Chance and Sync Chance and…well, I’m going to try to get all my fill type patterns together into one short pattern that is modulated via Encoders/CCs affecting all 3 of these while I ponder other uses…hrmmm.


did you try modulating the individual probabilities with LFOs?


“Mute Probability” affecting muted notes is not individually addressable, as far as i understand. It is the chance for events muted via [2nd]+[Pad] to play thru and i believe affects all events muted in this way. It can be automated via external control (not internal), but affects all muted notes equally.

If you mean adjust Chance % or Sync Chance on a Chance Effect on a specific Track, then: yes. I do this on a regular basis on three levels:

One is control via a button/knob controller that i use to modulate Chance and other effects in discrete steps.

Two is modulation via MIDI LFOs from an Octatrack for cyclical changes (categorising S&H LFOs as “cyclical”, that is)

Three is also using the OT, but sending sequenced, patterned Note data which is translated into CC values (Note to CC) via a BomeBox for discrete cyclical changes.

I also use the same system to turn on/off harmonizers, change arps, etc. Its fun, rewarding, and quite bril of the Pyramid except for that annoying “midi learn” bit.