Odd number of bars for LFO rate?

Is there any way to make fine adjustments to the LFO rate (or really, any FX parameter)? Specifically, I’d like to set the LFO rate to a large odd number of bars (greater than 3), like 5, 7, 17 bars, etc. When I turn the knob for the rate setting, it goes from 3 to 4, then 6, 8, 12, 16, 32, 64. I’d like to have a long LFO period whose cycles don’t line up with a 4, 8, or 16 bar loop.

Any way to achieve this with Pyramid (PyraOS 3.0)?


Try giving the LFO a track of its own (leave your notes where they are) and make that track say, 5 steps long per bar. Then set the LFO rate accordingly. So a 5 step bar at a 4 bar LFO rate would give you an LFO cycle over 20 steps, which would be be a 5 bar LFO rate against your other tracks (assuming they are 4/4).



Ah, brilliant suggestion @JimBrackpool! That works perfectly. I’m not yet used to thinking about putting FX or CC automation on a completely separate track, but that really opens up some interesting possibilities. Now that the seed has been planted in my brain, I see I could also use a separate track for CC automation with the same time signature, make it however many bars long I want, and record or draw the waveform I want.

Thanks for the suggestion.


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Yeah! x