Notes not showing across multiple pages

When entering notes in live recording mode, if I enter the first notes slightly before the start of the bar and they are held, they do not show up at the beginning of the bar or “carry through” and only the start of the note is being displayed.

Are you running the latest firmware? The was a related bug in the previous firmware.


Yeah man, it still seems to be behaving the same way for me…

Does it happen in Step mode or only in Live mode?

@sirshannon only in Live Mode. It’s weird because the notes still play as intended, they are just not represented correctly on the grid

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If they are at the end of the pattern, it will not carry over at the beginning. However, between pages, it will carry over.

That is the intended behaviour, as it would be confusing particularly because notes at the end of a pattern would not play at the start of the pattern when playing it for the first time. It would ‘sound’ on time when repeated though.

Except if you use live quantization, in which case they would be played at the start of a pattern, even on first play.

But now we enter another debate: should we show notes as they are, or as they are played?
There’s an argument to be made for both, we chose to show notes as they are intrinsically, as quantization is similar to an effect, and effects aren’t shown on the rgb pads.

TL;DR: this is intentional


@Thibault_Squarp thanks for confirming and your reasoning and explanation makes sense… maybe I just need to get a little better with my timing :wink:

This is exactly why I miss the Consolidate mode from the Pyramid… well the main one of the reasons. Currently I have to nudge the notes manually to get them to show on the first page, and I won’t lie, it’s a bit of a pain in the backside.

Please put a Consolidate Algo in the next release, you’ll make me very happy. (This is probably where I find out that it’s actually massively complicated to program or something)


finally got Hapax hooked up with my full rig and agree that it makes the process of building tracks mostly a breeze. one addition to Step mode that might help with the scrolling up/down workflow would be to have a given note row light up when the note is triggered from an external controller/keyboard (which the note value does in Live mode so I assume it could do the same in Step?). i found myself still trial and erroring to identify the row that corresponds to a note even as i was triggering that note on the keyboard, which if it was lighting up as i pressed the key – better if the grid would snap to the note row – would probably speed up step entry


this is a great idea!

It does if you enable LEARN


yeah, i’ve since worked out the Learn function, which is indeed helpful. but it’s still an extra click of the encoder to turn it on (if i’m understanding how it works correctly) and then adding the notes to the grid. Pyramid’s direct method of just touching the pad you wanted to add a step note/chord entered from a keyboard was perfect – though even being able to see note rows lighted on Hapax as they’re played on an external controller would probably speed things up a bit.

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Press the grid at the bottom.
Learn mode is great.

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after playing with Hapax a little bit more, agreed on Learn mode. easier than i had thought at first, especially for adding chord patterns

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learn mode isn’t too bad, but maybe if you activate it on a track with a scale set or with project scale on, it should temporarily disable the scale.

either that or learn mode shouldn’t actually be able to turn on if a scale is active because it doesn’t work at all in those circumstances and that is confusing UX