Notes in step mode are one pad off yet playing on time

Just got My Pyramid the other day and am having an issue. I record a sequence in live mode and its all good but then i go to step mode to look at the sequenced notes and they are almost always one pad to the left or right of where they should be, yet they are playing perfectly on time from what i recorded in live mode. Is this normal? spent the better part of a day trying to figure this out.

Video example:



When you play the notes live into the sequencer, they are not exactly quantized, unless the quantizer plugin is on. So, in the video you played the notes the slightest bit early, and they will not show up in the right spot always even if it sounds about right.
To fix it afterwards: enable quantize plugin for the track and consolidate the track through the quantize plugin by pressing 2nd+track, selecting consolidate function and writing over the current track. Then they will be aligned exactly. You can also edit micro level timing per note, group of notes, or per pattern, but that can be laborous, unless it’s what you’re looking for.

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But when it sounds just like you want it I would keep it as it is.
I often recognised that, too.But when starting to make it look “right” then it often just dont sounds right anymore.
In the end, it´s not important how music is displayed by the sequencer :wink:


Thanks dude makes sense!

Ok coolio, was kinda thinking this was the case but wasnt sure. Thanks so much for the help!

totally dude! Cheers!

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