Note width question

Is it a known thing that Pyramid note duration is always represented within the context of the quarter-note and the zoom setting, regardless of time signature? The manual says note duration depends on zoom and time signature, but testing shows this is not the case. In a 4:16 track at x16 zoom, for example, a note that reports a duration of 1 occupies four steps on the LCD. A consistent result (inverse) applies when using a 4:1 time signature.

Hardware 150
OS 4.02

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Zoom level is for recording notes in step mode or while performing live …

@OxOnFord thanks for the reply. Let me describe what I’m seeing a bit more.

I’m in polymeters mode. I set up a track with a signature of 4:16, zoom to x16 and leave note length setting at 1. I enter a note on the first step, then I select that note and check the length. It reads as 1/4.

If I change the length of this note I just entered to 1, it now occupies four steps on the LCD. If I delete it and change the note length setting to 4, then add a new note and check its length, it reads as 1.

So there’s a disparity between the length entered and the length represented when checking entered notes, and this disparity applies when using signatures with base numbers different than 4. It’s as if when checking note lengths, they’re always reported in the context of quarter notes, but with the zoom setting taken into account. I was just wondering if this is by design, or if anyone else had noticed it.

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