Note transpose after hitting play button?

i am new to the board. And excuse my bad english, i try my best to explain my problem. i hope someone can help or direct me to a thred if this is a common issue (i didnt find other thred though)

When i am in live mode and play the keypads everything is fine. the key C is lighting up and plays a C, D is lighting up and plays a D and so on. After i hit play, all notes i play are transposed 5 notes higher. when i hit C it lights up the pad G and plays a G. when i hit stop it stays like this. i have to turn of and on the pyramid to get it undone. This acts on all tracks. What am i doing wrong? in other projects this doesnt happen. but i want to know what is the issue so i dont have to programm everything again… ;(

Greets from berlin, Ben

an FX is on?

No, there is quantise and arp loaded but both disabled.

Check 2nd+Track and see if the Transpose icon is on?

Also try creating a new Project to see if you can duplicate the problem


ahh that was the problem! thank you! but i still dont get why? do i have to turn off everytime i want to record?

Was the problem that you had transpose turned on?

yes, with pushing 2nd and track i saw transpose was activated (for channel 1-8) and i have a master transpose channel (nr16) but this should work thoug or? why is it transposing 5 notes after pushing start? i have no effect or anything put to transpose 5 notes above…:thinking: