Note repeat in euclidean mode

Hi all,

New user here… I have a track (hats) that’s in euclidean mode. Is there a way to add some variation to it? I know I can’t use the actual note repeater in live mode since I’ve enabled euclidean mode.

Any ideas for this situation?



You can always consolidate track, and then use fx

I’ll try that. I also discovered that I can flip the track to automation mode and then turn a delay effect on and off on a few steps then go back to Euclidean mode and the delay trigs stay intact, and the steps and fills still work as expected.

Depends on the situation, but another possibility might be using another track set to the same channel for fills, such as the repeater. You can also mute the euclidean track separately if necessary.

i don’t think you can get the effects to stack like you’re mentioning. i know i’ve tried it and since it’s two different sources of information being sent out separately, one doesn’t know what the other is doing. would love if i was wrong here and there was a way to get the tracks to feed info into one another, or if i’m simply misunderstanding some setting somewhere that could enable this behavior?

Oh, effects are indeed per-track. But I’m not talking about effects, but doing something else entirely on the other track - such as using the live repeater which you mentioned in the initial post.