Note length inconsistencies in 2/4 polyrhythm

before I submit a bug report I wonder what you guys think:

  1. while in polyrhythms mode change the track signature to 2/4
  2. set note width to 4 with the 4th encoder
  3. insert a note by pressing the 01 step pad
  4. press and hold the 01 step pad to see the parameters of the note

result: my pyramid says the width of that note is 8 (instead of 4)

5. press and hold the 01 step pad and try to increase the note width with the 4th encoder
result: the note width does not increase

6. increase the track length to 4 bars
7. decrease the track zoom to 2x
8. set note width to 16
9. insert a different note on step 1
10. edit that new note width
result: the note width is displayed as 32 and can only be decreased, not increased

even when I decrease it down to 1 it can only be increased back to 16 at most, not more