Note-Length based on Zoom Level?

i just stumbled over this … and it’s in the manual as well. But i do not understand why.

Why is set-able note length based on the zoom-level. Shouldn’t the note length be an absolute value?

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i think primarily so that when you zoom in / out , you dont also have to change the note length too.
e.g. if your in /4 you get 1/16ths (assuming 4/4) , zoom in and you automatically get 1/32 or 1/64… its not a 2 step process (zoom in for detail, then change length)

I really like the way the pyramid deals with things in a relative way… be that adding notes, rotating steps, cut n paste - i think it makes for a really efficient workflow

(though i will agree there are many discussions on zoom/time signatures etc that show it does confused some)

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i don’t get it… if i zoom into the sequence i don’t want that a 16th note suddenly is named 8th…

wait , now when i write it, i get it … in the default zoom-stage x4 … a 1/16 note ist not a 16th note it’s a 16th of of one step. So a 256th note Right?
Damn i was thinking all the time wrong. Now it does make sense.

But still it’s quite confusing.

exactly its relative…

easier to see when you use 1 :slight_smile:
so enter a step of length 1 on a zoom level, if you double the zoom, its 1/2, halve the zoom its 2…
as i said on x4 for 4:4 1= 1/16, so change the zoom to x8, and now its 1/32,
and its relative to the time signature too

(I think the confusing/complexity on the pyramid is largely due to the variable time signatures …it feels simple in 4/4 time, get more confusing in 5/8 - but not so much if its all relative imo)