Note Issue in v1.21

I’ve been running into a bit of a bug and wanted to see if you guys have dealt with this at all.

Say I have a sequence that doesn’t immediately start at the first beat in the hermod. What I have noticed is that when I play the sequence, a quick gate goes before the first note that plays the last note of the sequence. This only happens when I first press play; the following loops do not experience this.

The last note of the sequence does not bleed into the start of the sequence at all. If I get rid of the last note, the same error happens with the new last note. I’m not sure what exactly is causing this.

Similar thing I’ve also seen in 1.21: sometimes, notes just randomly skip. This, again isn’t any sort of issue with bleed through of other notes. I can just input a note directly into hermod every using the step buttons and for some reason (and seemingly randomly) the gate for some notes just won’t go out… not a great thing to be happening.