Noob question about 1 sample over 4 banks


So I had the idea of creating chords using my Rample paired with my KLANG ( a 4 voice polyphonic controller that allows to output the four notes of a chord). My process would be this:

  1. Create a one-note sample in Ableton- in this case, a piano sample of a middle C
  2. Save the same sample as 1C.wav/ 2C.wav/ 3C.wav/ 4C.wav into a folder and load it into Rample
  3. Assign the CV inputs to be 1v/oct
  4. Send pitch cv from KLANG into the Rample inputs
  5. Trigger samples with a mult clock from PNW.

This seems to work ok so far but I have a few questions:

  1. When the samples are triggered they seem to play in a slightly delayed sequence- so 1C and 2C play almost simultaneously but the 3C slightly after and 4C slightly delayed as well- so that 4C ends up playing by itself for a bit - Why is this happening? and can I fix it so all four samples play at once? They are all the same exact sample.

  2. Also Rample is supposed to have a two-octave range, but let’s say C5 is the middle C on the KLANG. If I move the encoder to C4 it plays the C an octave lower as expected. However, when I move the encoder to C6 it plays the same note as C4. What am I doing wrong?

  3. Is there a way to save the CV INPUT settings so that it defaults to 1v/oct on startup?

Thanks for any help!

Apologies no one has responded with information regarding your situation.

I do not use CV or other Eurorack devices to control my Rample, so I’m not sure I have the ability to properly assist with a troubleshooting path. However, I use a Pyramid to trigger my Rample MIDI (downstream from an Event Processor) and I believe I have no problem getting all four SP’s to trigger at the same time with no delay.

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I have definitely triggered all four samples simultaneously before, from the gate inputs- check the outputs coming off PNW.

For instance, if you plug the four outputs into 4/3/2/1 instead of 1/2/3/4, what happens?


No worries! I appreciate you taking the time to respond. As to the delay, I loaded another sample into all four banks and it seems to work better. Even though it is the same exact sample on all four banks and all four banks use the same trigger, the third sample will sometimes have a slight delay. Not sure why, but I guess I can chalk it up to my Rample having a bit of “character”. :grin:

Really now I just need to figure out if there is a way to save the assigned CV settings for each channel. Every time I switch sample banks or power on, I have to go into each channel and assign the “v/oct”- it would be nice to be able to save that setting.

Thanks again for replying!

Thanks for the suggestion! I will have to try that. I loaded in a new sample into all four banks and this time it worked better, however from time to time the third sample will fire a bit late and stay active a little longer. They all are the same sample and share the same trigger, so it shouldn’t happen. Next time it does I will try you suggestion as a way to possibly trouble shoot it.

Thanks again for the help!

You’re much more patient than I because I would not be satisfied with noticeable delay as you describe.

Regarding saving CV Settings, have you tried the Store function?
Honestly I don’t know if that would come under Save Settings or Store, but I’m assuming it’s on a kit-by-kit basis, so I’d say Store. (Save Settings and Store are two different functions - I believe the former is for global options ie the variables in the Settings menu, where Store is specific to the Kit)

Apologies: I’m not in my studio right now to test it out.

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No worries! I am slowly getting the hang of the interface- TBH the top level with the huge letters that scroll is a bit hard to visually digest for me- so it’s hard (for me at least) to understand what I an affecting, saving or changing. I am hopeful that over time it will be more clear to me- I wish the interface was a bit more like PNW which has basically the same type of menu interaction but I find it easier to read and understand what parameters are being changed.

My next learning exercise will be to play around with layers of a sample.

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I had a terrible time with that also, but in good time you won’t even need to read it.
Enjoy exploring Layers!

Then when you get to Slices it starts the brain sloshing nicely. :slight_smile:

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