Noob midi sync drama (pyramid/ipad/midi sync/td3/rd6)

Hi, first time posting here i hope im doing it right. Im trying to midi sync a behringer rd6 to the pyramid and then a td3 to the rd, i got the rd6/td to start/stop but it has crazy latency and im not sure how to go about it to correct it, help? :joy:

Fyi i have the pyramid connected thru usb to an ipad air 4 running aum controlling a couple of synths and drum synths then i have midi B ch2 from pyramid going to the midi in of the rd6 and the sync out of the rd6 going into the td3. Everything plays when i hit play on the pyramid but the td and rd have a pretty noticeable latency compared to the usb synths and idk what to do

The rd6 seems to be playing at a slower rate than the ipad, not sire how to fix it

Check if the clock is going out from Pyra

If so, unplug all from your connections and try one by one via single midi A and /or midi B of pyramid to rd6, then to td and so. You’ll se quickly what’s happening.

Including check of the midi cables.

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Will give it a go although i think its an issue with aum, i tried running a similar setup with audiobus instead of aum and everything seems to be running fine

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