NooB asking for HeLP ;)


I do not own a pyramid yet, I’d like to get one and use it as my main device to sequence all other synths.

My question:

How can i change multiple sequences on different midi channels with one single button/action?

Maybe it is just too obvious, but it was never mentioned in a tutorial.

What i mean is, can i switch between song parts? I use it live, and switching between different parts of a song should be as easy as possible.

Thanks for your help!

This is described in detail in the (very good) manual. There are many ways to swap sequences. The method relevant for you is the concept of “sequences” (see manual for details). Changing a sequence can change what is played on different midi channels. Changing a sequence can be performed by pressing a single button. But you can do more with sequences (see manual).

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Danke für deine antwort! Dann schau ich den entsprechenden teil des manuals an. Bin ebenfalls aus der schweiz :wink:

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