No track mutes on new parts. What am I doing wrong?

Example. I have an intro, verse, chorus, set up in my sequences. I create a new sequence, set up the mutes put something a new track and play in a melody in live mode over the top.
Once the new melody is recorded its unmuted in all my other sequences. Highly annoying as I have to go back though everything and mute it. Its a real flow killer.

Where am I going wrong here? Why is the new part unmuted everywhere?

k, so you are essentially you are using a new track (by recording something) ,
and you are saying by default its its not muted (in any sequence)

to me this is ‘reasonable’ , if not what you had hoped for.

the pyramid cannot ‘know’ that which sequences this new part is going to be used for… you might be just building out the ‘song’, and want it in every sequence… and not want to have to unmute it in every sequence.

so, it kind of falls into the category of being a use-case thats dependent on your workflow. (*)
for some the current behaviour is reasonable,
but I can see why for others , it might be preferred to defaulted to mute in the non-active sequences.

you can certainly propose it to Squarp as a feature request.

I can’t really think of a workaround, other than to use a dummy bank pattern (**) in each track before you start creating sequences - you could then mute this.
then you can unmute/ ‘overdub’ this , as you get to the where you want to use it for.

the issue with this, is its a bit of prep work, and also only works for fixed length recording (not variable length looping)

(*) unfortunately with a machine as complex as the pyramid, you cannot have every permutation of possibilities as ‘an option’, it makes the device too complex for users… understanding that all the options mean, and how they might interact.

(**) iirc, it cannot be totally ‘empty’ as it pyramid cannot have nothing in a pattern , but you can put something in it that does nothing. (might be you can even put in a disabled note?)

It seems like a silly default for me as nothing I create new in a new sequence should affect the others. Essentially it’s constantly overwriting the states of your sequences that could be considered finished.

Is it anything to do with the record button in track mode being on or off?

EDIT: It is. I had the ‘rec’ button turned off in track mode. Note to myself, the way I am working ALWAYS leave it red.

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