New Pyramid owner - set up help!

Hey all - just had my pyramid arrive yesterday and I’m stoked to dig into it. I’m working to build a DAWless composition setup. I’ve been tinkering with it for a couple hours this morning and I’m struggling to get the routing doing what I want. I’ve never done any complex midi routing before now.

Here’s what I’m trying to accomplish -
Out from Pyramid Midi A into:
Prophet 6 module on channel 1
Out from P6 into Sub37 channel 2
Out from Sub37 into Nord Stage 3 on channel 3
Out from Stage3 back into the Pyramid

I can sequence each of the keyboards from the Pyramid no problem, but I can not play the keyboards. I want to set up a live looping rig for now. I’m able to live loop from the Nord, but not from the Sub37 & I can’t seem to control the Prophet from either keyboard. I see the midi signal received light going off when I hit something on my sub37, but no midi ends up getting into the pyramid even though I have global soft thru turned on the Nord. It seems after some research that the Stage 3 has a more limited midi thru functionality than one would like - it will only pass certain signals through and they have to be matched to the midi channel the Nord is set to - which doesn’t work for what I want to do!

So, how would you set up my rig? I want to be able to live perform and record sequences, then add and modify them etc. Eventually this will become a live rig for gigs. I want to be able to play off the Nord, the sub37, and then with just a click or two of a button be able to play off the p6 from one of those two keyboards. I’m just a bit stuck on how to get it all routed correctly to do so!

Hey johntrue, congratulations on the Pyramid and welcome to the forum.

TBH, am not sure if what you’re trying to achieve is doable without some kind of midi routing hub to bypass the limitations with the Nord and potentially other gear. I ended up taking the easy road by connecting my gear up to a iConnectivity mio10. It does require a computer to initially configure your midi routes and channels. The config is stored on the mio10 allowing it to be taken on the road without the need for a computer, if ever chosen to do so.

But I am always eager to learn if others had resolved similar issues without the need to buy additional supportive gear, like the mio10.

Well dang! Who’d have thunk that the Nord would be limited in that way - super lame it doesn’t seem to do an actual midi thru! For the stuff I want to do right now I can probably be fine with only looping the Sub37 and Prophet 6. I’d definitely like to find a solution that doesn’t involve additional gear though.

I’m a little bit unclear about what you actually want, and some of your terminology is a little bit vague, but I have some suggestions for you that you might develop and build on as you define better what you actually want to do.

Treat the NS3 as the master keyboard for your system by connecting the MIDI Out port of the NS3 to the MIDI In port of the Pyramid.

Allow the Pyramid to sequence the P6 by connecting the Pyramid MIDI Out A port to the MIDI In port of the P6. Set the P6 to receive on channel 1.

Allow the Pyramid to sequence the S37 by connecting the P6 MIDI Thru port to the MIDI In port of the S37. Set the S37 to receive on channel 2.

In the Pyramid’s MIDI In settings,

  • set OMNI MODE to “Multitrk Off”;
  • set MIDI ECHO to “Allow Echo”.

In the Pyramid’s MIDI OUt settings,

  • set MIDI A MODE to “MIDI Out + Thru”.

When you switch to a new track on the Pyramid, the NS3 should send its messages to the synth whose MIDI channel number has been selected for the track.

This is just a start to get things working without having to buy any additional hardware. Try this out and we can develop it further when you’re ready.