Need help with midi settings please

Ok guys I still can’t get any sound when I play notes on my keystep.
I have a keystep connected to the pyramid midi in, then midi out (a) from pyramid to midi in on my virus ti2 desktop.
I can play the virus from the pads on the pyramid but not from the keystep.
Could someone please be kind enough to tell me which settings I need to adjust on the pyramid.
I have read the manual but can’t see what I am doing wrong.

Have you checked your getting midi into the Pyramid?
(Setting > info > midi in)

What channel is it on?
Do you have multi bank turned on?
(Turn it off for now)

If you have been messing with settings to try to get it working, it might be worth resetting to default - as this should work ‘out of the box’

Thanks for the suggestions.
Midi is set to chanel 1 on all devices.
Midi seems to be coming in but not all the time…
Tried multi bank settings.

The only thing that made a bit of difference was changing midi out settings on A port to out and thru this let’s me play from the keystep (but notes hang all the time) but not from the pyramids pads. I want to use both the pyramid and keystep to play notes.

This is driving me crazy. Please help.


I connected midi out from keystep to midi in on a midi solutions thru box, then midi thru from thru box to midi in on pyramid. Seems to work completely fine now.

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You could also set the pryamid’s out to “out and thru”, however, that means that info on other channels will also be passed through. However, it also means you can easily run into midi feedback loops which can be a royal pain in the butt, especially if you are also connected to a DAW.

Also, you may want to check your midi in settings and allow echo.