Need Advices - to can better cross sequences


I would like to ask you advice to better cross sequences between each other: the transition in between .

What’s your method ?

Sometimes before to start a new sequence I would like to start a (or more*) track while the sequence is ending , letting it correspond to the beginning of the next one.
Ok , I can just create a pattern which appears to be in the end of the sequence. Problem is that I always forget
if I actually made right or there was some mistake, so , sometimes I don’t know if the track is actually empty or is going to happen this crossing . By the way It takes me lot of time to create those fractions frames, and happens that I loose the idea on the fly. I need some trick to can speed up this process.

Maybe you have some clever way to show us?

I kind of miss the in between scenes … and I am sure I miss something out.

P.S. Is it possible to solo more tracks contemporary?? I need that too !

thank you

I tend to do fills/risers on the sequenced synths themselves. Otherwise you are indeed restrained to program transition patterns. Or mix both methods. Short transitions using fills, long transtions using patterns.

PS sorry, just noticed I bumped an old thread. But if anyone has other workflows to suggest, I’m interested as well

I tried to get my head around this topic as well and the best thing I come up so far is to leverage the Tracks Run modes.

If I want something to play only at the start of the sequence (like a crash), I simply set the Track run mode to TRIG.
If I want a riser to start before the end of sequence A and end after the beginning of sequence B, I will set the track to be longer than sequence A and set the Track run mode to FREE.

It force me to define specific sequence length but I can easily have the riser mute in the sequence and unmute it whenever I want to move on to the next sequence.
I make sure that Save mute states is OFF when playing so whenever I return the sequence the riser will be mute.
The same can be done for fills.

I’ll be curious to hear what others come up with.

A “fill” sequence type could come in handy. That would be a sequence where the tracks we don’t actively unmute/unmute keep the state they were in in the preceding sequence. It’ll play sort of “on top”.