(Mysteriously) unable to save settings

Hi folks!

For a reason I ignore, I cannot save my system settings anymore. This sounds dumb, so let me explain what I did exactly:

  1. Press “2nd + FX”
  2. Select “Midi Out”
  3. Enable start/stop for Midi-out-B
  4. Press “FX” to go back to the main menu
  5. Select “Save”. I get the confirmation message, “Save OK”
  6. Looks like it’s working, start/stop signals are properly sent
  7. Switch off the Pyramid, and switch it back on
  8. Going to settings, start/stop is still set to “Off”…


I made progress. I noticed this behavior applies when I have a SD card put in the Pyramid.
It works as expected when there is no SD card…

Problem solved. I looked at the content of the cor files, and looks like the settings are part of it, per track.
So, I had to save the track as well to save the settings.
Not sure it’s documented that way, but at least, my problem is solved :slight_smile:

Now I’m going to open a different case :stuck_out_tongue:

I ran into this issue too, and fixed it the same way. Thank you for reporting your solution here!

OP is over 4 years old.
If you’re having data corruption issues, you might also want to check to see if you’re running the latest version of PyraOS and/or check your SDCard for damage/hardware issues (or just replace it if that is an option).

Issues like data corruption are usually high priority (I’d imagine) and with this issues’ age, if it’s an OS problem it’s most likely been addressed.

I’m running PyraOS 4.02 and don’t appear to be having any data corruption issues on the SD card.

I think the confusion usually comes from the fact that many of these details are stored in the project file as well… so if you are loading a project at startup (as many of us do) then this is the settings that will be used.

the logic is this (as far as I remember when I last played with this)

  • a new project uses the track settings
  • when you save that project, it will use those current track settings
    … so you defaults at the time, or what you have altered them too
  • when you load a project (including default/template)
  • you can ‘revert’ to the save defaults , loading the defaults

this is then intended functionality.

the idea is pretty simple, you always want a project to keep its setup…
since you may be using a specific setup for that project… which might be different from you ‘day to day’ normal (e.g. different clock master).

whilst the defaults are used for your ‘normal’ studio setup… these are used for your new projects, and you can restore them into ‘existing’ projects if they change.

honestly, whist I think its a really flexible approach… and is kind of cool.
generally, I think it over complicates things - as many (including me at time) assume the defaults are defaults across projects - which they aren’t.

a good example of this is ‘sync load’…
if you want it to work, you not only have to turn it on, and save it on tracks/project - but then load other projects you want to ‘sync load’ and resave them too.

Id agree with mindsculptor, the manual is not clear on this at all… it doesn’t talk about it.
I think it kind of assumes you understand ‘defaults’ as being for NEW projects.

if you can think of better wording for the manual, please suggest to squarp via the contact form , Im sure they’d appreciate the feedback.

is this a bug? is it wrong? absolutely not.
like many features, there are pros/cons to different approaches - and this way has some benefits.
but on the downside, unless until you know this is whats going on - it can be pretty confusing, since it does look like there are ‘global settings’.

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