(Mysteriously) unable to save settings


Hi folks!

For a reason I ignore, I cannot save my system settings anymore. This sounds dumb, so let me explain what I did exactly:

  1. Press “2nd + FX”
  2. Select “Midi Out”
  3. Enable start/stop for Midi-out-B
  4. Press “FX” to go back to the main menu
  5. Select “Save”. I get the confirmation message, “Save OK”
  6. Looks like it’s working, start/stop signals are properly sent
  7. Switch off the Pyramid, and switch it back on
  8. Going to settings, start/stop is still set to “Off”…



I made progress. I noticed this behavior applies when I have a SD card put in the Pyramid.
It works as expected when there is no SD card…


Problem solved. I looked at the content of the cor files, and looks like the settings are part of it, per track.
So, I had to save the track as well to save the settings.
Not sure it’s documented that way, but at least, my problem is solved :slight_smile:

Now I’m going to open a different case :stuck_out_tongue: