Mysteriously Deleted Project Files

Wondering if anyone else has had this bug.

I was finishing up a project today and saved it (I am positive I saved it because I was going to update to 1.13 after finishing and I wanted to back up the most current version (been working on this beast for about a week and didn’t want to risk anything)). Anyway, I saved, shut down, pulled the card and then backed it up into my dedicated Hapax folder, moved the bin file over, ejected, and proceeded to update the hapax. Success!

The first thing that seemed weird is that the Hapax rebooted into a test mode, which I had to reboot to get past. Then I tried to load up my track and it says “Project Files Missing”. Right away I’m thinking that the update did something, but luckily I have my project backed up, right? Right? Nope, project folder is completely empty in my backup as well. Somehow my last save actually deleted the project files (my other projects seem to be fine)

I really have no idea what happened here and I’m kind of going bananas trying to figure out if there’s a way to recover the missing files. Sigh.

Edit: Just ran EaseUS on the card and it can’t even seem to see the project folder (which I can see in File Explorer). Weird